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10/10 AVOID THAT COLOUR CORRECTION! You know the problem, when you do a bleach regrowth and end up with a lighter colour base than your ends with build-up on. Simply taking your desired shade and adding small amounts of black to it will help to match up to the ends without feeling like you have …

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09/10 INTENSE COLOUR AS A NEUTRALISERS… what? If you ever have a colour that you just want a slight knock down on the vibrancy scale, power pigment drops are a quick and easy way to help you do this. For instance, you have an orange that just needs a slight more earthy/natural vibes? Eyeing tiny …

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08/10 PLATINUM + SILVER = TONE! Our Platinum and Silver shades are a great combination for toning light blonde hair. Remember, you’ll need to be on a clean level 10 before doing this! Our Crazy Color Ambassador Amber typically uses a 50/50 ratio however, if her client has more underlying yellow tones, she will alter …

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07/10 KEEP IT COOL! Always wash your clients hair with cool or cold water to ensure all your hard work doesn’t run down the drain! Washing with cold water shuts down and smooths the cuticle which will help their colour last longer. Always remind your client to wash with cold water at home with each …

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06/10 STUBBORN BLUE OR GREEN? Neutralising blue and green tones from the hair is notorious in the industry for being difficult, but wait…  If you have a client with a heavily faded blue colour and you want to quickly move from a cool tone to a warm tone without it looking dull, follow these steps! …

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05/10 BLUE HAIR HACK! Blue hair will be one of the biggest commitments your client will make! Blue hair can be stubborn to remove especially for this with hair that is already damaged. But fear not, Slunks Salon have a solution! Instead of trying to remove the blue, they suggest covering it over with Cyclamen. …

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04/10 NEUTRALISE! If you want to tone a lightened blonde to a cooler shade, our artists recommend adding a few dots of Lavender to Neutral Mix. Keep unwanted tones at bay: Lavender, Ice Mauve, Silver and Platinum all work as fantastic neutralisers and toners. Apply them the same way that you would apply any Semi-Permanent, …

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03/10 SECRET WEAPON FOR VIVIDS! Keep your clients colour locked in for up to 10 extra washed with our Anti-Bleed Spray! Simply add a few sprays to your clients hair directly after rinsing the colour. Spray it evenly over freshly rinsed hair and leave for 1-5 minutes. Rinse out of the hair after it has …

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02/10 SMOKY SHADES! Use Natural Black and Black to smoke out any of our Semi-Permanent shades and deepen any colour. Our Blacks are STRONG, so you’ll only need to add a few drops to get a huge impact. Whenever you’re mixing colours together, start with a few drops and build it up until you achieve …

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01/10 HOT PURPLE HACK! Our Hot Purple shade
is a heavily blue based colour and we all know blues have the potential to go patchy if you aren’t working 
on a perfect level 10 base. To get the most out of your Hot Purple, Amber suggests the following- to make the application easier, she likes to …

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