Creating a world of endless possibility beyond hair dye.

Through our origins of innovation and education we champion diversity, individuality and empowerment. We want to encourage creative expression and show the boundless possibilities of vibrant hair colour. We want to support you, our community of professional & student colourists, to experiment with vibrant palettes and feel confident with that brush in your hand. We understand the creativity and skill that goes into each and every vivid colour session and we know how much you all value learning from others in the industry.

We also want to make sure we are listening to what you need behind the chair and supporting you all as much 
as we possibly can, so here we will share education 
on colour, technique and much more including salon business and wellbeing. If there is a resource you 
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Welcome to our Crazy Color community! Below we hope to answer as many of your questions here as possible.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, 
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Getting Started

Crazy Color works well when used on both damp and dry hair! Make sure that you’re applying plenty of colour onto your clients hair, saturating the hair completely and rubbing together until you create a creamy and thick consistency. Leave Crazy Color on your client for around 15-30 minutes after application before rinsing off. For more of an intense result, we suggest leaving it for 45-60 minutes. To intensify the results even further, you can apply heat to our colour! Put a cover over your clients hair to prevent it from drying out and use your hair dryer to add heat.

We have distributors worldwide that you can purchase our colour from. Head over to our Stockists Page where you can type in your location to see our list of distributors nearest to you. 

If you want to get the most true to bottle shade, the simple answer is yes! Our shades work best on bleached hair because it absorbs the colour more than hair that hasn’t been lightened. The hair becomes porous once bleached which makes it perfect for absorbing colour. If you’re looking for tonal results, there’s no need to pre-lighten your clients hair. Check out the shade guides on each of our product pages to see how the colour will take to various levels of hair colour.
We have a list of darker shades in the range that work well on clients that don’t want to bleach; Cyclamen, Vermillion Red, Ruby Rouge, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Aubergine, Violet, Hot Purple, Capri Blue, Pine Green, Peacock Blue, Sapphire, Natural Black and Black. How these colours will perform on hair that has not been bleached varies as it will be down to the porosity of each clients hair.

There’s a few steps you can take to ensure your clients vivid lasts the longest amount of time! Always rinse with cool water, the colder, the better, and make sure you’re using our range of Hair Care to hydrate and nourish the hair as coloured hair needs extra care to retain that colour! Check out our Anti-Bleed Spray which will lock colour in for up to 10 extra washes! The secret weapon you need for the backwash!

Check out our Colour Care page here for advice to share with your clients.

How long your clients colour will last is dependent on a number of factors. The condition of your clients hair being one of the main factors. The better care that they take of their hair between trips to the salon, the longer their colour will actually last. Check out our full range of hair care that will help prolong the life of their colour, this can be a fantastic add on purchase for your client at the end of the service.  

No! All of our Semi-Permanents are ready-to-use, straight from the bottle. No need for peroxide.

We encourage you to get creative and create a shade unique to your customer. All of our shades are intermixable which is perfect if you want to create an individual look for your client. Check out our PRO Hacks for some ideas! There is also a full Learn section on the site where you can get more info on lots of our products.

We have a range of POWER Pigment Drops in 5 shades (Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow and Red) which are perfect for intensifying any shade. Each bottle is packed full of super concentrated drops that will add a punch to any semi-permanent shade. A little goes a long way with these and makes them the perfect salon addition.

The salon essential for creating pastel shades is our amazing product- Neutral Mix! Add it to any semi-permanent shade to completely customise and transform the colour. The more you add = the creamier the shade. Neutral Mix is great for creating a unique colour for your client and taking them on the vivid journey with a more subtle pastel shade.

To get the most true to bottle shade, we would always recommend lightening your hair before applying. The bleaching process opens up the hair follicle making it more porous and receptive to colour. Natural grey hair can vary hugely in porosity and so we recommend doing a strand test to check how the colour will take to your clients hair if they do not want to hit the bleach.

Some of our Crazy Color semi-permanents are perfect for toning such as Silver, Platinum, Marshmallow, Ice Mauve, and Rose Gold.

YES! We have never tested our products on animals and vow that we never will. We’re proud to have the PETA Cruelty-Free & Vegan certified seal of approval. Find out more here.

Pastels will have a different result than the Vivids & aftercare is pertinent for your clients results to last:

  • It can depend on the condition of the hair before applying any colour. If the blonde hair is really damaged and the cuticle has been damaged, the porosity of the hair won’t allow the colour to stick, this can happen particularly when dealing with pastels;
  • When applying pastel colours, saturation can affect your result. The hair needs to be completely saturated with plenty of colour being used and worked into the hair until you create a foamy lather.
  • Maintenance is more difficult for pastel shades and this needs to be communicated to clients. Clients must wash their hair with cool water, the colder the better. The less they wash, the longer their colour will last. They will need to use sulphate free shampoo, Crazy Color have a range specifically formulated for their shades. We would also recommend using the Crazy Color Anti-Bleed Spray after you have applied their colour. This locks in their colour for up to an extra 10 washes by shutting down the cuticle, which stops your colour running down the drain at backwash stage.

Our Semi-Permanents can actually be used to tone and neutralise your clients hair. Just apply them like a regular Semi-Permanent and rinse. Ice Mauve, Platinum, Silver and Lavender are amazing for removing yellow undertones from the hair.

Another way of getting rid of unwanted yellow undertones would be to use our Ultra Violet shampoo! It transforms yellow hair into a beautiful icy blonde shade in only 1-5 minutes. The shampoo is available in 1litre bottles which is perfect for in-salon use.

Our Violette shade has got to be one of our favourite shades of purple! It has subtle blue undertones that give it that rich shade of violet you know and love. To get the most true to bottle shade you must lighten the hair to a Platinum blonde. Ensure there are no yellow undertones before applying Violette, this is when you can end up leaving your client with a stronger blue colour in their hair.
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