In the salon?

If you are using these in the salon, the possibilities for custom colour creations are endless!

These drops are fully intermixable with all of our Crazy Color Semi-Permanent shades to change up the colour or increase the saturation of the colour.

The drops are potent so a little goes a long way!

If mixing them into a semi-permanent to create your own colour mash up, start with a drop and work up as you might find 1 drop is strong enough for the result you want!

You can also use them with the fantastic Neutral Mix!

Using Neutral Mix as the base, mix your power pigments into the Neutral Mix to create a new shade from creamy dreamy pastels to rich vibrant shades!

Check out the stories highlight on @crazycolorpro for some salon tips and tricks for using these vivid beauties! And please experiment and tag us in what you create!

At home?

If you are sending these pigment drops home with your clients or you are at home about to commence DIY-Dyeing your hair, we have all the info you need!

These Pigment Drops are amazing to use at home to keep your colour fresh and vibrant in between salon trips or DIY-Dyeing sessions.

Create a colour mask at home by mixing a few drops of your chosen shade into a generous amount of conditioner. We recommend our Rainbow Care conditioner but you can use any made specifically for coloured hair.

Work the mask into your hair and leave on for a 5 minutes, more if you have time to spare. Rinse and style as normal and you will see your colour fresher and more vibrant!

Remember to use the gloves in the box as these little bottles are powerful and the colour can stain.

Check out our TikTok for ideas and how to’s and we have a story highlight just for Power Pigments @crazycolorcasa

If you’ve lost the info that was in the box – you can find it out here.

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