A national and international educator working in 5 countries, Sophia drives her passion of education into the salon-meaning her team never stand still. Winner of the Prestigious L'Oreal Colour Trophy, named 2017, 2018, & 2019 Colour Expert of the year now making her a Colour Expert LEGEND as well as previous winner at the British Hairdressing awards, she takes a pride in leading her industry as much as her team.

You can see Sophia’s work on instagram @hiltonsophia @notanothersalon


Sophia Hilton

Renowned for her unrivalled expertise and visionary approach t hair colour, Sophia pushes boundaries, challenges status quo and positively builds her team up around her.

With a burning passion for limitless creativity, Sophia is an influencial figure in the industry, setting trends that inspire fearless experimentation with bold, vivid shades. Together with Sophia, Crazy Color want to encourage professional colourists to experiment with vibrant palettes.

We have found the perfect partner in Sophia and her team at Not Another Salon who are striving to refine, improve and celebrate their inclusive, non-judgement haircare. They've created a safe space to go much deeper than hair, it's about change in mentality: it's cool to be kind.

Sophia hosts international education on her Vivid Colour Course in addition to exploring the business side of the

industry, encouraging her audiences to be open, honest and reflective on where they could do better while giving them the tactics and knowledge to do so.

"What is always important to me is to illustrate that Crazy Color is not just for one type of person, it's for everybody. In the last 10 years , I have seen the trends change dramatically in the UK, and throughout the world, and what was once seen as alternative is now completely wearable for every personality. Giving people the confidence to be themselves is exactly what Crazy Color is all about"

Read our recent interview with Sophia in Salon Business & SalonEVO magazines.

Pro Reviews


Sophia Hilton

Sapphire was a later addition to the Crazy Color palette, and I can’t believe I ever managed without it before. It works especially well with cyclamen for an incredibly rich and sexy deep purple.

Pine Green

Sophia Hilton

My second favourite shade is pine green. It’s it’s perfectly on a base 8. I love that I don’t have to lift the hair too far which keeps it nice and healthy and I love how sexy and rich the colour is. it might be green, but it still has a expensive and mature look to it.


Sophia Hilton

My number one Crazy Colour shade for the last 10 years has been cyclamen. The most amazing thing about cyclamen is it looks so strong and powerful. It’s so easy to remove. Not only that but when you have difficult hair and the base is not perfect it will cover every inconsistency!


Tips and tricks from your fellow colourists to get the most from the Crazy Color palette.

Tips and tricks from your fellow colourists to get the most from
the Crazy Color palette.

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