Creative Direction Sophia Hilton. Photography by Chris Bulezuik.

Original Colour Masters

Crazy Color® was fuelled by a revolution and over 40 years later our ethos remains the same: we want to inspire you to explore your creative side.

Cruelty Free Hair Dye

Our cruelty-free products come straight from the experienced scientists in our lab who rigorously test each and every batch of our colour and hair care range, making sure you’re able to achieve the best possible results with each and every product!


Creating a world of endless possibility beyond hair dye.

Through our origins of innovation and education we champion diversity, individuality and empowerment. We want to encourage creative expression and show the boundless possibilities of vibrant hair colour. We want to support you, our community of professional & student colourists, to experiment with vibrant palettes and feel confident with that brush in your hand. We understand the creativity and skill that goes into each and every vivid colour session and we know how much you all value learning from others in the industry.

We also want to make sure we are listening to what you need behind the chair and supporting you all as much 
as we possibly can, so here we will share education 
on colour, technique and much more including salon business and wellbeing. If there is a resource you 
would like us to add, please do get in touch at



We believe in inspiring creative expression for a brighter world! Where exploration is encouraged, self-expression 
is standard and everyone is welcome.

Get Inspired

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